Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory University of Arkansas – Division of Agriculture, Research Station Fayetteville, Arkansas

This facility houses the Poultry Federation Serology Lab and the Animal Necropsy lab. The wet labs include Serology / Media Preparation, Microbiology, Fungal and PCR / Molecular rooms. As a BSL-1 lab all labs are separated by full height walls and zoned heating / cooling / exhaust systems which keeps all pathogens from entering other areas of the building.

The Animal Necropsy Lab includes a large animal drop off area with a monorail hoist system for transporting the animal into the cooler or to the Necropsy table. Once a necropsy is completed, the monorail hoist system delivers the animal to the gas-powered large animal incinerator.

The offices are located on the south side of the building and are also separated from the lab areas by full height walls and separate heating / cooling / exhaust systems.

The layout of the rooms and its location on the site allows for future expansions while the exterior wall and roof materials are compatible with the other buildings at this agricultural animal science research farm.