Research Greenhouse/Head House and Growth Chamber University of Arkansas – Division of Agriculture, Research and Extension Stuttgart, Arkansas

This 2,800 SF Greenhouse, 936 SF Head House, and 1,125 SF Growth Chamber Housing allows rice research to have a very controlled environment. The Greenhouse features a radiant heated floor along with a conventional evaporative cooling system and gas-fired unit heaters to supply and maintain a consistent air temperature. Having this consistent air temperature is critical to the rice research to be performed in this Greenhouse. The Greenhouse is connected to a Headhouse which then connects to the Growth Chambers. This allows the rice seeds, rice plants, and associated materials to stay within a controlled environment, which again, is critical to the research. The Greenhouse features glass roof panels to provide as accurate sunlight and heat as possible, and concrete floors which slope to centrally located trench drain. A future generator has been planned and the building is elevated out of the surrounding flat land to keep storm water from entering the building. The facility also features reverse osmosis water for both watering the plants, cooling the plants and misting them. All of these unique features are the result of proper planning with the UA’s research staff and then properly implementing them.

This facility will help the researchers to investigate the effects of High Night Temperature (HNT) on rice. Arkansas rice growers have become increasingly concerned about the negative impact HNT conditions have on grain yield and quality