Grand Avenue Baptist Church

This early 1970’s worship space received an entirely new interior facelift in 2011. The existing static stage was replaced with a dynamic stage that allows for various stage configurations, heights, and lighting possibilities. The new stage has a larger footprint than the original stage, but through a reconfiguration of the pews, no seats were lost.

  • Sightlines from the balcony seating to the stage were improved with a new balcony railing.
  • The worship space received new “house” and theatrical lighting, along with new, current technology A/V systems.
  • The room’s acoustical performance was improved with acoustical wall panels at the front walls, as well as along the face of the balcony.
  • New wall paint colors, eliminating the dark wood and adding a “black-out” ceiling help make this worship space a vibrant space for contemporary worship.