Dan Felton, Jr. Building at the Lon Mann Cotton Research Station University of Arkansas – Division of Agriculture, Research Station Marianna, Arkansas

This new office and meeting facility replaced a couple of small, fifty-year-old buildings at this Agricultural Experiment Station. The facility is primarily six offices, a small conference room with an attached teaching kitchen, and a large conference room with an adjoining entry lobby.

The large conference room will hold 100 people and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio / visual equipment. The room will allow for the assembly of area farmers for education seminars on a variety of cotton production related topics.

The building is connected to the existing Soils Lab with a covered walkway / exterior patio area and uses solar reflective glass at its west facing main entry to limit the heat gain in the summer.

The building’s heating and cooling system is zoned to allow separate control of five areas within the building, thus creating an energy efficient building by only turning “on”; occupied areas within the building.